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Descripción: DESCRIPCIÓN

Banco de Inversión Europeo con experiencia en financiar minas y proyectos de 50-300 millones de dólares From the perspective of natural resource clients,

The Bank distinguishes itself through our:

•Extensive expertise and exclusive focus on the natural resource sectors

. •Significant background in physical commodities.

•Unique investor network comprised of family offices, high net worth individuals, “under the radar” special situations and natural resource funds, as well as more traditional sources of equity and debt financing.

 •Experience in--and ability to propose creative financial solutions across--all segments of the capital stack, including public and private equity, mezzanine debt, convertible instruments, vendor financing, offtake finance and alternative forms of funding, such as streaming and royalties.

•Legal background that facilitates analysis of relevant structuring issues and drafting of initial documentation, such as term sheets and NDAs, thereby saving clients upfront legal costs. From the perspective of our investor network, 

The Bank distinguishes itself through our:

•Ability to source off-market or “special situations” investment opportunities through the network of contacts we have developed during our decades of experience in the natural resource sectors.

 •Capacity to filter high quality opportunities targeted to a particular investor’s funding parameters .

 •Performance of due diligence on technical, legal and financial matters, together with project consultants, as required

. •Assistance with structuring, negotiation and execution of transactions.

 •Post-closing investor representation through serving on boards of directors as requested. Having worked for decades in the natural resource sector, we know from experience that raising capital for mining and oil & gas projects can be a challenge, even during bull markets, not to mention the current market.

 We understand that anticipated transaction structures and terms evolve when they hit the marketplace. Our backgrounds allow us to lead a bespoke, iterative process and to navigate successfully between the aspirations of the project sponsors and demands of investors.

 There are no “typical” clients or transactions and no “standard” solutions. We also understand that time is always of the essence to resource companies seeking funding and we consequently pursue transactions with an appropriate level of urgency. Deploying persistence, diplomacy and creativity, and relying on our deep background of deal-making in the natural resource sector, we are able to assist parties in bringing transactions to fruition through a well-run, timely and professional process.

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